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The HI Way of consulting is defined by a few simple but powerful ideas. This is what inspires us every day we walk into work.

Every client is unique.

  • We approach every new project with an open mind, ready to tailor our solutions to you and your culture.
  • We immerse ourselves in your business in order to deliver change together.
  • We’re here to help you better understand and achieve the goals that will enable your business to grow.

Think differently.

  • We truly believe there is a better way to manage people, process and technology.
  • The diversity of experience throughout our team translates directly into the creativity of the solutions we deliver.
  • We’ll take the time to properly understand your organization so that we can help you think differently about your trickiest problems.

Create products we’re all proud of.

  • We involve your team in the project process so there’s a shared pride of ownership.
  • Our reputation is defined by the quality of our product, and we do the work behind the scenes to protect that.
  • Our goal is to wow our clients with each and every project we touch.

We work with clients of all sizes, from Fortune 100 multinational businesses to early stage start-ups. What we share with all of our clients is our commitment to find a better way of managing people, process, and technology.

We exist to introduce business with fresh thinking into the critical but often neglected area where, people, process and technology combine.

Your employees are one of the biggest competitive advantages you have. We offer programs designed to help you engage, retain and develop your most valuable asset – your people. Our services include:

Our goal is to help you optimize your processes and identify operational pain points by immersing ourselves in your organization. We strive to add value to your business by providing the following solutions:

We aim to help our clients leverage both traditional and emerging technologies to their fullest potential. Our experience allows us to help clients better plan for and implement technology through the following service lines:

A career at HI combines the excitement and exposure of working at a start-up with the structure and credibility of working with some of the world’s most exciting businesses. We commit to offering you an unrivaled development experience, with real responsibility and stretching projects available from your first day in the office. We left big corporations to create HI Group, and we did so because we believe we can make a greater impact from the outside. If you want to make real change happen, HI is waiting to hear from you.

Our people are our product, pure and simple. So we take great care to recruit and retain the very best talent. We look for the capabilities below in everybody who works at HI Group.

Every client is unique.
  • HI people have the credibility, intelligence and communication skills to manage a relationship with a Fortune-100 client, and the versatility to apply those skills to small to mid-size growth business as well.
  • HI people have a proven track record of making change happen at work, at play, or in their communities.
Think differently.
  • HI people are insatiably curious about how businesses function: their culture, their processes, and their systems.
  • HI people find new ways to look at old problems.
Create products we’re all proud of.
  • HI people can manage complex projects with multiple stakeholders and challenging timelines.
  • HI people deliver work of consistently great quality, from start to finish.
Stay start-up.
  • HI people have the vision, passion and drive to create something from nothing.
  • HI people harness their intelligence and drive to truly punch above their weight.
Be awesome.
  • HI people come from all backgrounds and walks of life, but what we share is a passion for changing the world of business.
  • HI people apply infectious energy to their work.

Current HI Positions:

Our team has first-hand experience of managing people and technology change from within organizations. We created HI Group because we think there’s a better way of approaching these challenges.


  • Director in Human Resources at Archon Group
  • Vice President at Goldman Sachs
  • Global Mobility Consultant at Ernst & Young


  • Associate at Archon / Pillar Hotels & Resorts
  • Compensation, Benefits, and Recruiting specialist
  • MBA in Finance from Cox School of Business


  • Ninja in Training
  • OmniGraffle Guru